What Is A Brand Kit And How To Generate Yours Online?

What Is A Brand Kit And How To Generate Yours Online?

What Is A Brand Kit?

A brand kit is a collection of design assets that made for express a company's personality and brand vision. A branding kit is also an essential tool that specifies the style for logo, color palettes, typography and other branding elements so that marketing materials are consistent and recognizable to the target audience. The brand kit is also helpful for internal and external collaborators who just need to quickly familiarize with the rules of a brand vision. Maybe you feel the brand kit is a complex definition. You can just see it as a magic box that contains anything you need to know about a brand. 

Why you need a brand kit? After you got logo, and many different files, now we know we can call them all as the brand kit. But you don't want to find the files in different places cause it may cause the file you find is not the newest. The Brand Kit packages these assets into a single file so that designers both internal and external to the company know where to access the brand's graphic assets. You just need one place to save all your files. This makes the process of sharing brand imagery easier and eventually keeps everyone on the design team on the same page. This keeps social media materials, applications or products for the business have the consistency in visual. The brand can be well recognized. It is also beneficial for consumers to trust and purchase these products. 

What's Included In Brand Kits?

Here are few basic elements that should be included in any brand kit.


A logo represents the soul of a company. You know logo is an important marketing tool for any business. It helps build brand awareness. A well-designed logo can help your company stand out from the crowd and increase its reliability and professionalism. Here are some brand logo examples.

Color Palette

When it comes to color palettes, it will help achieve a consistent look and feel. Blue evokes trust and strength, red inspires passion and power. Gray represents calm and balance, and yellow represents optimism. To ensure that colors are consistent across media, it is good to provide Hex codes, RGB values, or CMYK color codes. If you're not a professional designer, use the color pickup function in many design-related tools to select colors, which will give you the exact color values you need. 


The font choice is another important aspect of creating a branding kit. There are many different fonts to choose from. Some fonts are more elegant, while others are more fun. The fonts you choose for your brand kits will go far in favor of your branding. Choosing the right font can make your branding kits look more professional and polished. Typography includes variations in size, weight, slant, width and other factors known as fonts. You can choose one primary font and 1-2 secondary fonts. 


Like logos, the photograph of a brand is one of the most important impressions that people have of it. Images in e-commerce are often characterized. Luxury brands often highlight the high quality of their product images with a black, white and gray background. Product images for children's items are often childlike. Choosing and developing the exact type of photos will also be part of these brand kits.


The brand templates are placed into the brand kits to effectively save time and ensure consistency in visual communication. This includes social media posts, presentations, banner ads, and more. If you have multiple social media accounts, then create multiple template sets. These templates can be used to reproduce your company's visual identity in an organized way. This makes social media operations easier.

How To Generate Yours Online?

uBrand brand kit generator can create a complete brand kit from just your logo.  

Start With Your Logo

In the following example, let's start with a logo named "beyond". With uBrand logo maker you can generate thousands of logos in few seconds. Not only that, you can upload any logo and uBrand's automatic background removal function allows you to instantly get the logo as a transparent background PNG file.

Generate Logo Color Variations

What's more? Every brand needs a unique set of logo designs for use across multiple platforms that are recognizable and complement the overall brand image. For different situations, you may need a black and white version or a full-color version. It's easy to have up to four logo variations in uBrand. You can also change the color of them. 

Extract Logo Symbol

Submark logos (also known as brandmarks) are simple, small, but identifiable brand designs. For example, it can be utilized in the browser as a website favion or even wherever the larger logo variations won’t work.  At uBrand you just need to crop it and then you have it all.

Square Logo For Social Media Profiles

Social media is now the most everyday media platform. And the profile picture is the eye-catching image of your brand. A square logo can be easily downloaded at uBrand. It offers 3 types of the logo. Other than that, you may use them as your application icons. You can also adjust the proportion of the logo graphic in the square. This gives you a lot of convenience.

uBrand makes building a brand effortless. We would also like you to share with us any reviews or insights you may have on it, and hope we can be a superb partner on your brand creation journey.