Brand Guideline Generation

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What should a brand guideline contain?

uBrand will guide you through the following items and generate a brand guideline just for you

01. Brand Visuals

Create a unified visual image for your brand


The centerpiece of your visual brand


Text fonts used in your brand design


Brand colors and patterns help build a more consistent brand visual

Brand Photos

Image style that sets the art direction for your brand

02. Brand Positioning

Clarify your brand mission, values, and background story


What kind of problem do you solve? And what kind of results do you bring?


What is the meaning behind your brand? What difference will it make in the world?


Core brand values that will guide the brand's daily development in the future

Brand Story

What triggered your initial idea? How did you develop it to where you are now?

03. Brand Slogan/Tagline

Speak and endorse for your brand


A phrase used to convey descriptive or persuasive information about the brand
Why uBrand?

Simple and Effective Branding

You don't need any brand design experience. Just answer a few simple questions about your brand, and we will automatically generate a beautiful brand guideline based on your answers.
Easy Editing
You can modify your brand information at any time, whether it's updating your logo or adjusting font colors. uBrand will sync your updates automatically.
Real-time Updates
Unlike traditional PDF files, your brand guideline will be updated in real-time along with your brand information, and will display beautifully on both a mobile phone and PC.
One-click Sharing
Sharing your brand guideline with your team members or partners, so that everyone can collaborate quickly around brand content.
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Brand Guideline FAQs

Is it free to generate my brand guideline?

Yes, after you fill in the brand name, you only need to complete the content in the brand element section as guided by uBrand, and we will automatically generate an exclusive brand guideline manual for you. If you are not satisfied with a certain part of the brand manual, you can modify and adjust it at any time in the corresponding brand element section, and we will update it for you in real-time.

Can I export the brand guideline to PDF?

Yes, you can. We recommend that you share your brand guideline as a link (to ensure real-time updates of brand information). Of course, if you need a traditional PDF format, you can also export your brand guideline as a PDF format.