AI Branding Case Study: Building A Music Brand For SongMic

AI Branding Case Study: Building A Music Brand For SongMic

What's SongMic Brand

Before introducing SongMic, we were happy to interview SongMic founder Eser. Eser is a musician with many years of experience in music production. He has released over 100 songs, worked with several well-known artists and is a talented songwriter. Today, he introduces his music label SongMic. "This is a music company dedicated to helping young people realize their musical dreams. SongMic is a way for me to give back to the community. Because I've received a lot of help and support from many people during my journey of creating music. I also hope that I can start a label to help others.”

Creating a music brand is not easy, and Eser talks to us about the process he went through to create it.

Brand Creating Process

Brand Name

When it comes to brand names as record a music label title, Eser says he wanted to keep it simple and direct to express the music itself. "I believe that many people think of songs when they think of music, so the word I chose to represent music creation is "Song", and I wanted the brand to represent the dream of music because that is the vision of the brand, and Mic phone represents the power of speaking and singing. Then SongMic is born.”


Speaking of logos this is where Eser and uBrand connect. "After I decided the brand name, the most important thing was to get a logo designed right away. So I did a lot of research online. I accidentally found the ubrand logo maker. I gave it a try and realized that I don't have to be a professional designer in order to create my own brand logo. Because I got the brand logo and everything else in just a few minutes" It is a exciting experience. Ubrand offers a full suite of branding solutions from logo to brand guideline that you can instantly get  through AI.

Social Media

Once the name and logo are finalized, it's time to share the brand on social media." I found that Ubrand offers a lot of social media templates, which made it easy for me to create social media content." When Eser was asked about what is the social media mean to him, he replied "I want SongMic's social media to be a platform for every young person. if you have a dream of making music, just come here and we can form a community to help each other. " 

Brand Guideline

Eser easily obtained SongMic's design system through Ubrand's tool for brand generator. "It's just so handy to have the software at your fingertips," he says. "I believe that for many entrepreneurs who are just starting their business, it will be fun and useful to build their own brand through Ubrand". So let's take a look at SongMic's Brand Guidelines.

The Future of SongMic

Through Eser's description we learn that SongMic already has the ability to distribute music globally. And there are a lot of young musicians joining the company as well. "SongMic will grow as a big brand in near future. We are currently working on different albums. And we focus on virtual concert which will be a new trend of music industry. Also we offer training and rehears room for people to book. I hope next time we meet I can share more with your guys."Let's look forward to it. And thank you very much Eser for sharing, and we hope SongMic's influence in music is getting greater. Finally, let's take a look at SongMic's brand assets at Ubrand. With Ubrand's Brand Assets, you can share them with anyone with a single click. This keeps everyone's access to branded material on the same page. It also keeps the brand consistency. You'll never have to worry about finding the source files again.

We'll be bringing more stories between entrepreneurs and Ubrand in the future soon, so stay tuned! 

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