7 Types of Brand Collaterals You Can Generate Automatically With AI

7 Types of Brand Collaterals You Can Generate Automatically With AI

Brand collateral is all the digital and print assets you use to display your brand message. These assets communicate your value proposition and give your brand valuable consistency across channels.

For new businesses, creating high-value brand collateral from the start can set your organization on the path to success from the very beginning. In this article, we'll dive into several common types of brand collateral, the purpose of each, and how to utilize collateral to grow your business.

Why is brand collateral important?

Before we get into that, let's understand the importance of brand collateral. Developing high-quality brand collateral is a crucial part of the equation because one of the biggest components of business success is widespread brand awareness. To build a startup into a successful company, it's important to build brand awareness among potential customers as quickly as possible. And utilizing the right promotional materials and the right marketing tools is the best way to achieve this goal.

In addition to using the right promotional materials at the right time, it's also important to be consistent with each type of promotional material. When your business uses the same style of promotional materials in each marketing channel, you make it easy for your target customers to familiarize themselves with what you have to offer. This familiarity will also promote the purchase of the product.

Generate brand collaterals with AI

Having high-quality branded collateral can do a lot for your business. But what types of collateral should you prioritize? Here are seven common types of marketing collateral that your business can utilize to build brand awareness:

Business Cards

A business card is the identity of the brand and an important item for every startup to introduce to others. It mainly contains information such as brand logo, contact details, business address and so on. A good business card can make it easy for others to remember you.


Mockups are a visually appealing way to display your brand. They typically include your business logo, a color palette, and are applied to different scenarios for consistency. If you need to know the strength of your logo you can use mockup generator to easily see the results.

Social Media 

Social media promotional materials are the most commonly used. It keeps your brand visually consistent across social media. You will often see companies using this type of marketing material to catch the eye of users.


Poster is an important printed material to showcase your brand. It also highlights the visual capabilities of the brand. In online and offline promotions, posters can be a great way to convey the brand's message.

Email Signature

The email signature is the area at the bottom of the email where the brand information is displayed. It is similar to an electronic business card of a company. Email is also the most commonly used form of corporate communication. That's why it's important to design an email signature. It usually includes logo, contact information, social media, and more.


PPT is an important bearer for presenting brand messages. It is usually used frequently in web presentations. It is the expression of brand consistency just like a brand brochure.


Websites are usually web pages that showcase products or services. You can use landing sites to grow your business in a number of ways. You can link social media posts to the website or use the website to promote events and accept registrations, etc. This is a great tool for people to interact with your brand.

At uBrand, we will provide all of the above template designs. You can quickly customize the design of your branded materials such as your social media materials, website, business cards, email signatures and more. Using the uBrand marketing tool, you can easily select templates that match your visual identity. These branding elements can be easily downloaded and used for all your digital and print materials.

So you've got the collateral... now what?

Knowing what marketing materials to use where is critical to your brand. From social media and business cards, stay consistent across multiple channels by using the same design, colors, photography style, fonts, and messaging on each channel. This way, even if you use different collateral in each place, your brand remains cohesive and easily recognizable everywhere. If you're unsure where to start, let us start from uBrand!