AI-Infused Branding: Could Automated Branding Tools Improve Your Omnichannel Success?

AI-Infused Branding: Could Automated Branding Tools Improve Your Omnichannel Success?

Whether consumers visit your website, browse your social media platforms, or pop into your brick-and-mortar store, they should be able to recognise your brand due to its consistent style and values.

A consistent brand presentation across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%, highlighting the importance of an excellent omnichannel strategy. So, can automated branding tools improve your omnichannel success and, in turn, increase your revenue?

The simple answer is yes. There is more consistency to your branding when it is automated and adapted only slightly to suit each channel - and a consistent branding style across all your platforms is the key to omnichannel success. 

Automated branding tools give all teams access to unified materials such as logos, email signature layouts, and business card designs. Despite changing some of the information on the latter two, these materials ensure that all your teams use a consistent brand style, whether they run your social media, work in your shop, or write content for your website.

Your business may be similar to your competitors in products or services, but it can stand out if it's instantly recognisable to your target audience. 

Let's take a look at five ways you can automate your branding and some tools to help you do it:

Automate Your Branding In 2024

Automated branding are AI-powered software applications that assist you in branding. These tools let you work toward a distinct look and feel for your business across all channels, which can increase your omnichannel success. 

Here are six tools you can use to automate your branding:

AI Logo Maker 

Every brand needs a recognisable logo because it grabs attention, acts as a badge of identification, makes a memorable first impression, separates you from the competition, and supports your brand reputation.

uBrand AI Logo Maker prompts you to enter a logo name and optional slogan before asking you to pick from various industries, color schemes (remember, colors evoke emotions), and fonts. Within seconds, you will get a range of logos you can edit and buy.

To drive your omnichannel success, use the same logo across all channels, including your business card, mobile app, website landing page, and social media profile photos.

Business Name Generator 

Firstly, your business needs to have a name which gives prospective customers a first impression of the products or services you offer. It should include targeted keywords that your target audience will search for. For example, if you offer vegan food, it would be appropriate to include ‘vegan’ or ‘meat-free’ in your business name.

In addition, your business name will form part of your domain name which can accelerate your search engine placement.

With Hostinger’s AI Business Name Generator, you can describe your business in just a couple of words to receive a selection of automated business name ideas. If you see one you like, the next step is buying the domain name.

For omnichannel success, keep your business name the same across all platforms. This will help consumers find you, and eventually remember you, regardless of their favored channel.

Slogan Generator 

Slogans, if done right, can increase brand identity and recognition so consumers will think about and engage with your brand when they see your slogan on any channel.

Before writing your slogan, identify your values and mission so you can create a slogan that resonates with your target audience. Here are some great slogan examples from top brands: 

  • Nike – Just Do It.

  • McDonald's – I'm Lovin' It.

  • KFC – It's Finger Lickin' Good.

  • Rice Krispies – Snap! Crackle! Pop!

  • L'Oréal – Because You're Worth It.

  • MasterCard – There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard.

  • Disney – The Happiest Place on Earth.

  • Airbnb – Belong Anywhere.

With Shopify’s free Slogan Generator, you only need to enter simple keywords that represent your brand's offerings. For a vegan burger restaurant, it would be appropriate to include your values as a meat-free dining choice in some way, so you attract the right customers. Here are some of the slogans generated by Shopify when I enter 'vegan burger restaurant': 

To offer consumers the best omnichannel experience, display your slogan on your business card, on posters in your brick-and-mortar store, on your website landing page, and in your social media bios - the more channels, the quicker it will catch on!

Business Card Maker 

Business cards are an efficient and professional way to promote your business and increase brand awareness. For some potential customers, a business card is their first interaction with your brand. Giving them easy access to your contact details will make them more inclined to engage with your brand in the future.

AI Designer's AI Business Card Maker allows you to customize templates with text, fonts, colors, images, and layouts that reflect your brand style. In addition, the card should also include your brand's recognisable logo and slogan.

To offer consumers the best omnichannel experience, have business cards available for customers who visit your brick-and-mortar store, as the information provided will direct them to your website and social media and, in turn, your products or services.

Email Signature Generator 

Whilst each email signature is unique to the person, it must be consistent with the brand colors and fonts and include the recognisable logo.

With LogoAI email signature Generator, you can generate professional-looking email signatures with just a few clicks. You enter your name, job title, company, and optional contact information, and then you can add images and social media links before editing the colors and fonts to suit your brand.

Business owners or managers can create the first email signature to fit their desired brand style, then allow employees to generate replicas but change their personal information and picture to make it unique.

Here are some benefits of an email signature, according to LogoAI: 

  • People are more likely to reply to professional-looking emails, so you will see a 32% increase in email replies.

  • You will get 10% more clicks to your website from the link in your email signature.

  • Your social reach will increase by 15% when you add social apps to your email signature.

  • You will get a 32% increase in leads, generated by more email replies and clicks.

In addition, email signatures can give consumers a better omnichannel experience if added to all employee emails, as they will recognise it as someone from your business trying to contact them - even if they have previously interacted with your brand on a different platform.

AI Image Optimiser 

In the online marketplace, visuals are everything because customers can't touch or smell your products. If you want to sell products, you don't just need to post images; you need to optimize them for omnichannel selling. 

For example, your mobile app or mobile website will require smaller product photos than your desktop website. An image optimiser will reduce the file size by compressing and resizing it, without compromising the quality of the image.

You could try using AI-powered image editor such as ImageAI to ensure your photos look good and can adapt to multiple channels without losing any quality. 

In addition, the software will optimize images so they take less time to load in a user's browser, increasing website speed and performance.


A successful omnichannel strategy can increase brand reach and awareness, improve customer experience (CX) and engagement, and boost sales and return on investment (ROI). So, create a distinct look and feel for your brand that can be used across all platforms and recognised by consumers.

It's essential to remember that branding is the driver of all great marketing strategies. While marketing grabs a consumer's attention, the brand's values and recognisable style bring customers back time and again.